Using Chart.js to display calculator results

In my last post I set up a calculator flow on an ASP.NET web page using Javascript to make an API call and to perform client side rendering, see: What I want to show with this new post is how to take the results and to use Javascript in ASP.NET core to format and […]

Installing Dot Net Core on a Mac

All the instructions for this can be found on the Microsoft web site at I want to install dotnet core on my Mac so that I can perform development locally of an ASP.NET core web site and I am using Visual Studio Code and the command prompt. First step is to go to this […]

Getting Personal Access Tokens from Azure Dev Ops

This is a good article on how to use a Visual Studio Team System personal token with git. It basically functions as a password for accessing your git repositories if they are held in azure dev ops. And in good news, the menus for getting a personal access token work the same way in […]

ASP.NET Core versus Spring Boot

I want to compare ASP.NET Core versus Spring Boot in order to see what the differences are between the two frameworks. In order to do this I am creating a web app that will allow a user to log on via a web url and to then view and create users. When users log on […]